Spiders and Spirographs

An extension from my Australian Gothic drawings, Spiders & Spirographs studies Australian spiders spinning spirographs. Spiders symbolise great wisdom, mystery and creativity of the cosmos. The patient architect threading their web. In the psyche everything is connected, both […]

Silver Gelatin

Silver Gelatin is graphite on black and only visible on approach. Similar to the process of focusing and recalling a memory and the visual quality of a film negative. The source material combines photographs from […]

Planetary Days

From the imagination and into witchcraft. This is a new territory of shifting sands and warping terrains. From astrology to the Greek pantheon of gods/goddess evocations to planetary correspondences for each day of the week… […]

Drawn from Tarot

This series draws inspiration from the Tarot – literally and metaphorically. The Tarot system is structured around archetypes, symbols and numerology. The interpretation of Tarot can be as diverse as translating from historically traditional meanings […]

Copier Mr Dyer

Art in a sense copies from life. There is a false sense of truth in a photograph. Pushing my process of drawing from photos, Copier starts with the mugshot of Mr Dyer as reference. Then […]

Australian Gothic

Australian Gothic is a series of dark drawings, drawn from the Australian backyard wildlife. A nocturnal Australian landscape of graphite on black paper. Where ravens screech, bats flap and spiders spin their spirographs. Why are […]

Artist’s Fool

A self portrait series through the Tarot’s major arcana (22 cards), following a Fool or Hero’s journey through archetypes and life lessons. Some more literal whilst others may be more symbolic or abstract.

An Australian of Ravens

Curiously a raven is known in the plural as “an unkindness” or “a conspiracy” of ravens. This series is my most recent graphite exploration of neo Australian Gothic art and contemporary art noir style. The inspiration […]