02 01 2020 – Strength reversed

💭 Would you recognise your own personal power? What characterises your confidence? Where you puff up in personal pride? Where you unreasonably lash out on a bad day? Knowing your inner beast to tame the misguided impulses. But also to connect with your passion, what riles you up, and your integrity. 

Without awareness or deliberate control, this Lion can bite. Regardless of well meaning intentions, these teeth are still sharp. Whereas- with a healthy awareness of where you feel confident and the agenda that motivates your decisions – this force becomes a source of personal power. 

Knowing what’s at your core, knows what’s important to you, which in-turn (☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞ knows your boundaries that are necessary to defend. A spot of pre-game strategy, choose your battles. Understand where you can be deliberate and proactive with your pride and/or aggression, and not passive or reactionary.

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