13 01 2020 – Queen of Cups

I swear this deck is shuffled! Also, it’s my 33rd bday today & I love that 3 Queens lead up to the 13th! 😂

These 3 consecutive Queens can express themselves as 3 different sides of yourself… Wands: your passionate, fiery, creative self. Swords: your sharp observations, focused strategy and nuanced perception. Cups: your emotional intelligence, daring to be vulnerable, and honouring the intimate meaning you infuse into your world. 

Where the Wands are your inspiration and the Swords are your values. The Cups are your beliefs. Why do you believe in your values? What meaning do they bring and how do they show up in your day-to-day? 

If the last few days have been lack lustre, then who around you emulates the traits you aspire to? Take a page from their book, let them inspire and motivate you. The Queens are essentially embodiments of their suit. Their connection and understanding to the suit is so intense it draws you in.

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