14 01 2020 – 2 of Pentacles

The wheels are turning. There are pros and cons to weigh up here. What do you want more abundance in? What do you want to focus to enrich your life? (I.e.: money, health, home, love, friendships, etc.)? 

What options do you have? Resources, tools, networks? And because the Pentacles are all things very practical and more about the doing then the reflecting- how does your day-to-day routines and habits help you?

The Two’s are a pretty early number. So this may be just some small tweaks. Or it could be a decision made, committing your focus on one thing and setting the other thing on the back burner. Mostly it’s about getting these wheels turning. What’s more motivating for you: small bite sized adjustments or a reboot? I.e.: tweaking the lighting or rearranging the furniture?

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