15 01 2020 – Eight of Pentacles

Ah ha! This is a Capricorn’s dream. From yesterday’s weighing up the pro’s & con’s and taking the first few hooves up the mountain… Here we have the very orderly, stable structure, providing a great platform to pin down the staples (your core values), organise your work and reinforce the framework that supports this mountain. 

Eights speak to Justice (in this deck) and what that looks like for you. Being a Pentacle, this isn’t all philosophy of your moral compass and passing judgment over your courtroom. This is more like the flurry and hoopla of your law and order. What procedures, processes, policies and systems support your trek up to success?

I just realised how boring that could sound. But this is your philosophies in action! Where do you invest most your time? Is that serving your inner goat? Does an alphabetical system work for you, or do you work more project/seasonally? Are your habits and systems working for you?

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