16 01 2020 – Six of Swords reversed

💭 Taking in the feedback. The last couple days have been quite sensible, practical and hopefully rounding off a nice sense of satisfaction. 

The Six of Swords (reversed) here looks around and takes stock of the process. Whether your literally receiving feedback from someone or stretching your perception to consider things from the outside-in, this card internalises a thought provoking conversation. Where there’s some sort of idea or turn of phrase that has you rolling it around your brain, waiting for that key to make that click in the lock. 

The danger is disconnecting or disengaging completely from the conversation. Sixes are a give and take, a dialogue for mutual benefit. But in being reversed there may be some things that you need a little pause to soak in first. In its negative, would be a conversation where everyone plows on ahead and no one hears what anyone else is saying outside themselves.

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