an artist with a pack of tarot cards

The creative process is a real trip down the rabbit hole.

Tumbling from inspiration, doubt, procrastination, the awkward silence, an idea, balls, insomnia, identity crisis – pause, rinse, repeat.

The Tarot is in on this visual language and a nifty map through the subconscious and imaginative realms.

Rather then running this hamster’s broken record, the Tarot helps me side-slide doubt, for the scenic route with magick, conjuring personal demons for a cup of tea.

Tangled up in this internal labyrinth, my art practice sits pretty in the low lighting.

From a distance these drawings on black paper look blank. Like empty silhouettes and shadows hanging from the wall. The kind of darkness that lurks behind your eye lids. You assume you can’t see anything, but, in here is where your dreams and fantasies emerge.

An alchemic process between graphite and paper, from lead into art.

On approach, the graphite catches the light and reveals the drawing. Walking past and the image slips away, relative to the tilt of your perspective on the page.

There’s more to life then what your eye can spy.

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