an artist with
a pack of tarot cards



I believe artists know their art and creative path best. But amongst the chatter of everyone else’s opinions and advice, it can be difficult to hear your own voice.

The tarot is a creative compass that can help find your feet, gain clarity around a choice you’re making and sus-out where things are leading towards.

My own creative process goes through cycles, challenges, awkward silences, selfish creation and identity crisis ~ on the regular! I want to start to share my own journey and vulnerabilities through this journey. Not because I’ve ‘made it’ – I haven’t. But to either inspire you, or to attract kindred spirits on similar journeys and collectively share + support each other.

Personally, the Tarot has helped me hear my own voice, challenge my perception, stubbornly shown me what I’d rather gloss over, but ultimately leaves me with a something to learn and a grounded direction to honour.

my art


I draw graphite on black paper. An alchemy of the base metal (found in your humble pencil) into a visceral and slippery visual-transmutation. From a distance the drawings appear like blank, dark shadows hanging from the wall. On approach, the graphite catches the light and reveals the image. As you pass and your perspective tilts, the drawing blinks it’s eyes closed again.

I’m interested in darkness, shadows, occult philosophies and witchcraft practices. Where the imaginative realm takes on tangible + experiential significance. Where passive wonder can inspire an active dream and challenging what’s possible or plausible.


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