an artist with a pack of tarot cards

I believe artists know their art and creative path best. But amongst the chatter of everyone else’s opinions and advice, it can be difficult to hear your own voice.

The tarot is a creative compass that can help find your feet, gain clarity around a choice you’re making and sus-out where things are leading towards.

My own creative process goes through cycles, challenges, awkward silences, selfish creation and identity crisis ~ on the regular!

Here, I’m sharing my own stories and vulnerabilities through this journey. To either inspire you or encourage your own journey through magick and creativity ~ collectively sharing + supporting each other in this wide world web.

Personally, the Tarot has helped me hear my own voice, challenge my perception, and stubbornly shown me what I’d rather gloss over. Ultimately the Tarot give me something to learn and a grounded sense of direction.

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