artist ~ Parkes NSW Australia ~ b.1987

artist as witch

From a distance my drawings look blank. Like empty dark pages or shadows framed on the wall.

Echoing the enveloping darkness behind your eye lids. That darkness in your sleep, from which your dreams and fantasies emerge.

On approach, the graphite catches the light and reveals the drawing.

Walking past and the image slips away, relative to the tilt of your perspective on the page.

Symbolically, an alchemic process between graphite and paper.

Creating a transformative and visceral experience through the simple tools of a pencil and sometimes an eraser.

My work draws upon philosophies of the occult.

In witchcraft, the imagination takes tangible form in gestures, spells, rituals, sigils, and so on.

An alchemic approach to ideas – infused with analogies, dissolved origins and transmuted into the physical and symbolic manifestations. Turning graphite into gold.

My drawings invite you to the space of nothing and everything. Call it the imagination, witchcraft, creativity, play, inspiration or life itself.


My artworks are available to purchase through Saatchi Art, but do drop me a note if you have any queries or requests:

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