Art Collection: Copier Mr Dyer

Art in a sense copies from life. There is a false sense of truth in a photograph.

Pushing my process of drawing from photos, Copier starts with the mugshot of Mr Dyer as reference. Then continues with a copy of that drawing, followed with a copy of that drawing, then a copy of that drawing… and so on. Hiding the earlier drawings, as this copy-cat method progresses.

Each drawing relies on the previous drawing and my fading memory. Certain elements veer way out of proportion revealing the how I see with all my flaws, overcorrections and the particularities of my unconscious attention.

The black paper further obscures the so called truth of an image, as the effect of graphite on charcoal appears from a distance to be a blank black page. Only on approach does the image emerges when the graphite catches the light. Mr Dyer was arrested for counterfeit coins.

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