Art Collection: Drawn from Tarot

This series draws inspiration from the Tarot – literally and metaphorically.

The Tarot system is structured around archetypes, symbols and numerology. The interpretation of Tarot can be as diverse as translating from historically traditional meanings (textbook) to a more personal and intuitive approach (woo woo), but both ultimately lead towards universal truths.

Through this series I use the Tarot not to predict the future, but rather turn inward and tap into those universal truths and themes behind the Tarot.

An artwork might inspire or opens your imagination. Visually sinking into the awe or wonder invites a visceral reaction and taps into your gut feelings. Do you like the work? Does it excite you? Do you relate to it or see yourself in the work? Much like the experience of receiving a Tarot reading. You might not know what you are looking for, but you will know when something strikes a chord or falls flat, off the mark.

This series stretches to visually describe these universal archetypes with the intention to connect to you on a quieter and unspoken level.

A quick overview of the Tarot system: 22 x Major Arcana cards describe the major life lessons or chapters. 56 x Minor Arcana cards make up the 4 suits…

Pentacles (earth, what enriches you, finance, work, health, grounded, practical);
Swords (air, everything above the neck, thoughts, ideas, analytical mind, strategy, words, communication, writing, internet);
Wands (fire, passion, motivation, creativity, inspiration, sex);
Cups (water, emotions, intuition, purpose, values, beliefs).

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