Inktober: My Stumbles & Magic Pills

I began Inktober, curious to compare the Rider-Waite-Smith and the Marseille tarot decks. The first tarot deck I owned was a Rider-Waite-Smith deck. The first tarot book I read was The Way of Tarot by Alejandro Jodorowsky, based on the Marseille tradition. I’ve skipped between these traditions, but never really compared them side-by-side. I don’t believe it’s essential to know the differences, each deck is it’s own world in of itself. But I was curious, particularly where it came to the Strength/Justice card number 8/11 flip.

Needless to say, this was going fine… up until the Strength/Justice card number 8 😅. Rushing through Inktober where you make a drawing each day, I kind of panicked in the overwhelm of trying to give it the thoughtful time and the supposed ‘revelation’ I built myself up to experience.

Instead, I pulled back to just using the Smith-Waite deck.

I’m the kind of person to start projects with a gun-ho determination and full commitment. Maybe it’s my Aries Mars in the 6th House? But, as the novelty wears off, this is where I stumble.

I wonder if there’s a Magic Pill for this default pattern. A work around I’m experimenting with is this – right here. Rather then bemoaning that the perfect little plan didn’t follow the script, or self-imposing a Tower-moment (breaking down structures to rebuild a new)… Perhaps a change of scene, a change of context can inspire that fresh start without reinventing the wheel.

My Inktober begun as an Instagram post with some half-hearted hashtags. The journalling work I was scribbling behind the scenes is personally inspiring. But this month has not been without lulls in energy and taking breaks to reassess and refocus.

I’m currently stuck at the Devil card – picking at the Zombie archetype – of all things?! For the most part, we are what we consume. But, there is a difference between exploring your addictions and feeding them.

This Magic Pill might be a placebo, but like witchcraft, the intention of your Will is where the real Magick lurks.

So here I am, popping my Magic Pill: a shift in context. Sitting outside with my laptop on a cushion. A giant extension cord tethering me to the spot. About to brew some more coffee and mugwort – and settle into blogging my way through my Inktober journey so far.