Inktober: thru the Fool’s Journey

This is a little last minute…

But something that has been recently pressing on my mind, is how off track I’ve fallen from my self portrait series through the Tarot’s Major Arcana: The Artist’s Fool.

Although a lot of my drawings lately feel like varying degrees of Selfies, the Capricorn in me is a little unimpressed how much I’ve not dedicated and focused to trotting up this particular mountain.

I’ve also never done Inktober before.

So I’m squishing the two together (at least for the first 22 days of October, I’ll probably continue the last 9 days with various archetypes that spring to mind).

October is my most busiest month in my day-job… and ink isn’t my go-to medium – so I’m definitely sweating here. It may be the recipe for disaster, or an ingenious ploy to pull the rug out from my perfectionism and play more freely outside my comfort zone.

If you also want to try an Inktober at Self Portraits through the Tarot’s Major Arcana (for the first 22 days): I have a free ebook with card descriptions and selfie prompts – if you’d like.

I wrote them in the context of an artist in the art world…



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