The Raven – a post Poe poem

An Australian pisstake, pre-dunny-slash and post-Edgar-Allan-Poe
(*pink bits quotes from Poe’s poem: The Raven)


Once upon a drunken evening,
stumbling with my friend, perceiving,
for the meaning to conceiving,
some such subject seen to draw.
To draw upon and such in keeping,
from hence Berlin did my leaving,
with a pleasing, to now be breathing,
an Australian evening, with my friend a drinking.
Only this and nothing more.

On black paper I do draw,
from early photos of crime/outlaw.
Why this awe of grim and gore?
Should I deplore?
With pointed finger and slack jaw?
Like my parents do uproar:
“You are sweet and what is more,
just a girl, and therefore,
I abhor this morbid gore.”
In all honest, I’m not hardcore.
A creaky door shakes me to my core.
But I implore, for film noir and Coco/Dior,
the colour black I do adore.
Here for evermore.

So with my friend we were drinking
and thinking whilst our livers sinking,
under the blinking and the twinkling
of the southern stars.

I do declare,
I draw with care,
in strands like hair,
graphite laid bare.
From a distance,
is resistance,
an illusion of visual nonexistence.
Yet with the insistence
of persistence,
come in closer to the light’s assistance,
reveals the drawings’ actual existence.
This it is and nothing more. 

So here returned to my childhood home.
My mind doth roam,
through ideas to comb.
What to draw in monochrome?

From the backyard comes a creaking,
then a croaking, n’ amusing screeching.
“The hell is that?!” To myself, I am speaking.
It’s usually the house that’s freaking, squeaking
with creepy creaking.
But here a large black bird, through its white eyes peeping,
in my backyard does it’s greeting.
Meekly, I am blinking and unspeaking
in my peeking back at this bird leaking
a croak it’s creaking.

T’was later, with the wine insulator,
that my friend, environment coordinator,
the Australian Raven’s name was related.
So, inebriated, through the night we imitated,
an animated Australian Raven call.
Quoth the Raven… “eeeerrr, eeeaaarrrrr, eeeerrrroooooooooorrr”.

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