Art Collection: An Australian of Ravens

Curiously a raven is known in the plural as “an unkindness” or “a conspiracy” of ravens. This series is my most recent graphite exploration of neo Australian Gothic art and contemporary art noir style. The inspiration for these works croaked through from a throaty Raven call I heard on my recent return to Australia from Berlin in late 2017. The Australian Raven, quaintly attributed to the local backyard wildlife, is one of the many flapping, screeching and coarse songs in small-town scenery of an Australian outback.

Not dissimilar to other cultures and mythologies surrounding the raven and its cousin the crow, the opinion of the Australian Raven is polarised. The unfair connotations to the dead, the underworld and sinister omens breed a dislike to the bird, whom is otherwise admired for its majestic and proud characteristics feathered in a sleek, shiny black.

This series is in continued progress as I peel back layers into the Australian psyche and creepy endless stretch of a dirt horizon meeting an inky night sky.

My work pivots on the edge where the perceived ‘normal’ threatens towards the superstitious, magical and curious.

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