ebook : Artist in the Fool’s Journey : a guided self-portrait sketchbook


What story are you telling yourself who you are?
What story do you want to be living?

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We are multifaceted. We show different sides of ourself through different life chapters, around different people, in different contexts and in different circumstances. Your perception of your experience can shape your actual experience of it. Thoughts can change attitude and emotions and in turn, this effects your actions. What story are you telling yourself who you are? What story do you want to be living?

In the Tarot’s 78 cards, there is an archetypal journey through 22 cards of the Major Arcana, called the Fool’s Journey. Working with these 22 archetypes is like acting, in that it allows you to explore different characters and sides of yourself that might not get much air time in your day-to-day. Unlike acting, this role playing is not seeking to transform fully into a character, to play out in an external narrative. Rather, exploring archetypes is a journey of exploring your internal narrative, who you are as a whole, multifaceted self, to express and write your own narrative. To lead your life opposed to following your future.

This guided self-portrait sketchbook includes a brief description of each card in the context of being an artist or creative, navigating the creative process – with some journal and self portrait prompts. As with archetypes, nothing is set in stone, everything is relative to your experience, just as the tarot cards themselves evolve through different ages.