1. The Magician

Be the channel between your ideas and your creations. Use your tools and resources to manifest the thing. Listening to the idea and let it direct the course of action.

From the Magician’s table, which do you need?

♤ Swords (strategy, analytic thinking, communication)

♡ Cups (intuition, core values, emotion and feeling)

♧ Wands (passion, motivation, energy)

◇ or Pentacles (practical application, routines, monetisation)?

This is where your process aligns with the idea. Being ‘in flow’ or ‘in the zone’. If you enjoy the process, then the outcome is consequential. There’s no need to force your will or hide behind procrastination. Plainly – channel or facilitate the thing into being.

Journal Prompts

You probably have more resources around you then you realise. What do you want to create?

What tools do you have at hand that you can start with ‘now’?

Self Portrait Prompts

Yourself in flow ~ with your tools in hand being a completely unblocked channel for your creative genius.

My Selfie :

My default setting is to procrastinate by starting new projects and reinventing myself. It’s a front that lasts a day or two, then depending how long it takes to clean up the mess I made, I hop back on track. This month I cut my hair too short, snapped shut a Patreon account I’d just opened, and I rearranged my magickal practice into a tangled yarn of twine.

Mirror, Mirror on the wall… 🔮

I caught my foot in the comparison trap. Which made me stop and look a little closer to the darned thing. I see comparison as projecting your situation into someone else’s context. With a hit-and-miss swagger it sometimes: clicks into place, sucks into a tight – but not impossible – squeezed fit, or turns out a complete waste of time.

It seems more logical to look at your own context. Your right-here-right-now. Channelling the thing that’s already chewing through you to get out. Finding your direction through the doing. Refining your focus and letting that focus direct your purpose.

You’ll always be creating new things to learn
~ Ashara Star Goddess (YouTuber)

At the trailing end of the Magician, something I read today tied the snake’s tail full circle…

In Witch Way Magazine (March 2019), Nicole Marie’s forecast of the upcoming Pisces new moon described a light and dark relationship between the Crone and the Victim archetype.

In the wake of The Fool’s overwhelm of possibilities, I leaned more towards the Victim, turning to escapism and trying to reinvent my sense of self. On the flip side, the Crone has a strong, empowered sense of self and is aligned with the cycles of nature.

The Magician as a channel is not focused on who you are or how you’re doing. Instead, in the Magician you’re just being you and doing as you do. Using his tools, like a spanner for a tighter grip, without having an identity crisis of becoming the spanner itself.

I’ve been quite a passive channel for my creativity this month. Zoning out to audiobooks and trashy tv, while I draw ~ following my pencil. Passive experience might be lazy, but it’s also a long road around as you wait for the thing to find you, then ride it out until the next who-knows-what-thing stumbles along.

Switching to an active approach: you decide what you want. Let go of what you don’t want. Which frees up your hands to reach out and direct your desire with decisiveness.

Creeping up to this new moon and the next card The High Priestess, I’m going to poke out what I to let go off. Make room for the broom!

P.S.: The 1950s Japanese doll in my Selfie, is a totem for my creative spirit called Chihiro 🏮. This is the first altar I made before I knew I was stepping into witchcraft:

Image Credits

The Magician – Tarot card:

Illustrations from the Borderless Smith Waite Tarot Deck reproduced by permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT 06902. c. by U.S. Games Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. The Smith-Waite Tarot deck is a registered trademark of U.S. Games Systems, Inc. Photographed by me.

Drawings on black paper & digital sketch of Daphne Selfe as Crone by me.

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