2. The High Priestess

All the wisdom and knowing of your subconscious. There is more to you then just your ego and what you consciously think. There are also your feelings behind your imagination.

The High Priestess integrates your shadow into your awareness. To process what you truly and wholly desire. Exploring the repressed parts of yourself, empowers what your creativity is truly capable of.

This is internally developing and processing your ideas on a deeper level. And ultimately, defining the direction you want to take your Will from the Magician, led by your Intuition in the High Priestess.

Journal Prompts

If there was no shame, should’s or taboos ~ if your shadow and ego came together ~ what do you secretly and whole heartedly desire in your creativity?

Or, if your Inner Artist was a shameless evil super villain, what work would you be creating?

Self Portrait Prompts

Your inner shameless super villian.

Or, your inner all knowing, mysterious and empowered High Priestess.

My Selfie :

As internalising as this card and the shadow work is… I actually found the whole process very physical. I literally fell on my arse 😝.

It’s my knee-jerk reaction to tune out my emotions and physical body. I’ve an array of escapist tricks and numbing security blankets up my sleeve. I think its a hangover from putting all my eggs in the intellect’s basket.

I’ve been reading about various different ‘dark’ goddesses, a mix of: Baba Yaga, Hecate, Hel, Badb, Morrigan, the Crone and Akhilandeshvari… I don’t think this will resonate with everyone, but I found fear and discomfort/pain to be the most accessible emotions and physically grounding experiences. I’ve been working with fasting and confronting my fears (physical and emotional) and I’ve decided to work with the High Priestess for perhaps another month before moving onto The Empress. 💅 While I have dirt under my nails, I might as well grit down and finish the digging ⛏.

This High Priestess selfie surprised 🎊 me. As initially, I was imaging a wispy veiled 👑 Queen of the Shadows and the Subconscious.

But I actually found her between bone and fat, like silence between the notes. A thrumming power, say: where here *gravity* physically grounds us, there *potential* spiritually inspires her.

I’m mid twist 🐍 in transformation, but a little word play that caught my eye this month…

🎀 Untie ~ Unite 🎀 As attachments untie, there will be room for Will and Shadows to unite.

Image Credits

The High Priestess – Tarot card:

Illustrations from the Borderless Smith Waite Tarot Deck reproduced by permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT 06902. c. by U.S. Games Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. The Smith-Waite Tarot deck is a registered trademark of U.S. Games Systems, Inc. Photographed by me.

Drawings on black paper by Alice in Tarotland

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