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Hi there!

So this is the nitty gritty stuff.

I’ll try and keep it clear and concise.

  1. Using my website means you agree to these terms.
  2. I, Alice Stokes and/or my business Alice in Tarotland doesn’t make any representations or warranties (expressed or implied) to: the operation of this site, the information, content, materials or products included on this site. So this means me and/or my business (Alice in Tarotland) will not be liable for any damages arising from using this site.
  3. All woo-woo (including: tarot, astrology or other spiritual sources) readings and/or advice, arising from the use of this site are understood to be for entertainment purposes and prompts for self-reflection. I cannot predict the future and cannot provide medical, legal, financial or otherwise professionally certified/accredited advice or substitute for said advice.
  4. I really promote using the Tarot and other woo-woo tools to empower yourself. This does mean you are taking responsibility and accountability for your choices and how you choose to act on any woo-woo readings and/or advice. I aim to serve your best interests, but ultimately you are responsible for your life and the choices you make. In a nutshell: I cannot be held accountable to your future.
  5. Tarot Refunds: I do not refund Tarot or Astrology readings after I have made the reading. However, I can refund a reading if I have not started it, or postpone it to some reasonable time in the future (i.e.: in a month or two) if you so wish.
  6. Tarot Services: My Tarot Readings are recorded by video or audio and made unique to each order or request. Due to the large file sizes I share a downloadable link (via the likes of: Google Drive, Dropbox, Wesendit.com, Wetransfer.com, etc ) to the email you provide in Checkout. I encourage you to download this file and save in a safe place for future reference.
    After 7 days on receiving your Tarot Reading link, I may move the Tarot Reading from this link, due to my available Cloud storage. If you require longer then 7 days grace period to download your Tarot Reading file, simply email me at hello @ aliceintarotland . com to arrange a specified date that works for both of us.
  7. I endeavour to keep a backup copy of your reading, but after a year, I cannot guarantee this backup copy is available. If you request a subsequent reading, as a Post-script, I may revisit your previous reading and relay any comparative or significant messages or developments between the Tarot readings.
    But, if you request for all your data, details and Tarot Readings to be deleted from my record keeping, I will comply with the GDPR 2018’s law of a month‘s grace of time.
  8. If you are unsatisfied with any purchases from this website, please contact me ( hello @ aliceintarotland . com) with details of your purchase and the cause of your dissatisfaction.
  9. Previously exhibited artwork damage: In the case of artworks that have been exhibited, there may be very minute corner damage of 0.1mm – 3mm, where photo corners have been used.
  10. Artwork Refunds: I cannot refund or replace original drawings. If something goes terribly wrong in the post, by no fault of either party – do contact me by email with details of the significant damage/situation. I am human and do empathise. If there’s something I can offer to rectify the situation with, I certainly will endeavour to do so (within reasonable capacity of course, time travel is not yet on the table 😅).
  11. Artwork Processing: Upon receipt of funds cleared into my bank account, I aim to pack and post your purchase within 3-5 business days. If because of travel or unusual circumstance, I cannot meet the 3-5 day processing time, I will let you know by the email you provided at checkout. I take upmost care in packaging for safe postage and delivery. I cannot be responsible or held liable for artworks lost in the post or if you provided an incorrect delivery address.
  12. Shipping Costs: for both Domestic and International customers are calculated by the Australia Post plugin. If you would like to arrange a Pick-Up (my studio is currently based: Parkes NSW 2870 Australia), and avoid Shipping Costs, please do contact me at hello @ aliceintarotland . com to arrange a time, date and place. You can nominate a person to pick up your purchase for you, if you wish.
  13. I will comply with the Australian Consumer Law and the standard Australian Consumer Law guarantees and promise not to intentionally mislead you or skimp out on my promises.
  14. Copyright: Unless specified all materials and images on this website are copyright owned by Alice Stokes and Alice in Tarotland. Feel free to share this content but please credit me and link back to the URL or https://aliceintarotland.com. It is not permitted to sell or modify-and-resell any information or material found on this site or bought from this site. For educational and entertainment purposes, my motto is sharing is caring (with a little credit and a link-back) Thx!
  15. Privacy Policy: I will not share or sell your information with 3rd parties. I endeavour to protect the security of your details and privacy.
  16. International customers or bank accounts (outside Australia): My prices are listed in Australian Dollars (AUD) Unfortunately, the prices on this site do not include Currency Conversion rates or International Money Transfer fees. My bank (National Australia Bank can charge $15-$35 per International Bank Transfer). Personally, I’d recommend payment by Paypal. Please make sure you consider all fees, as these are outside my control.
  17. GDPR 2018 privacy and data. The low down…
    If you subscribe to my mailing list (not currently active): I use your email only to send you enews-emails.
    There’s always an “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the email which automatically removes you from the mailing list via the email marketing platform I use. Or you can reply-email or write to hello @ aliceintarotland . com to ask to be removed from the email list. I’d never ever sell your email (or data) to someone else. It would infuriate me if someone or company did that to me either unknowingly or hidden in some random fine print.
    Any details relating to any sales, invoices, or financial transactions (like your name, billing address and payment details) I will keep on file, to compliance of the Australian Taxation Office record keeping laws (currently: 5 years).
  18. I am just one person behind this website, but I do my best to provide quality content, products and services. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please email me at: hello @ aliceintarotland . com

Alice Stokes
Alice in Tarotland, 2019.

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