Artwork: The Right Hand

My work draws upon philosophies of the occult. In witchcraft, the imagination takes tangible form in gestures, spells, rituals, sigils, and so on. Like alchemy, ideas are infused with analogies and transmuted into the physical, manifesting in synchronicites.

The Right Hand speaks to the concept of the Right Hand Path. Where the Left Hand Path is more notorious in dealing with typically more difficult and challenging aspects (pain, hexes, shadow work, baneful herbs, etc) the Right Hand Path leans more towards New Age practices of positive thinking, the Law of Attraction, the Higher Self, forgiveness, etc.

At the time, I was interested in my aversion to bumper stickers from the Right Hand Path: Love and Light; Harm Ye None; Blessed Be, God/Goddess Bless You. There is an inherent dismissiveness and washing the hands of any guilt or responsibility. But of course, anything at surface level itself is inherently dismissive of it’s nuances and different (even contradictory) perspectives.

The Tarot’s Magician card of the Rider-Waite-Smith school, represents the Emerald’s Tablet’s “as above, so below”. There is a connected relationship between polarities: from the macro to the micro, from the outer to the inner, from the Right Hand to the Left Hand. The Magician channels inspiration, the Will that precedes an Idea or Thought, from his Right Hand (above) through to his Left Hand (below) to manifest into existence. From the ancient Greek poets calling on the Muses at the start of their epic works, to today, many creatives describe the creative process as channeling or downloading the inspiration. Not dissimilar to the Spirit Model in witchcraft. My own understanding of the Right Hand Path is an unfolding journey.

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