Artwork: The White Rabbit

From a distance my drawings look blank, like empty dark pages or shadows framed on the wall. What lurks in these shadows? Like the enveloping darkness behind your eyes in sleep, from which your dreams emerge. On approach, the graphite catches the light and reveals the drawing. Walking past and the image slips away in it’s tilt of your perspective to the page.

The White Rabbit is a nod to Lewis Carroll and an archetypal read of Alice in Wonderland as a journey into the subconscious and it’s dreamscapes.

At this time I was exploring Shadow Work, a Jungian psychology concept of repressed, dormant or hidden sides of our psyche. Most easily accessed by digging a rabbit hole in your journal, chasing and unravelling triggering words, situations or memories.

Also researching Witch familiars, I could help wonder what animal or spirit familiar I might have. Not having much experiences with cats, I had -on a whim- recently bought a plastic white rabbit with a sticker: “10cm cute”.

The White Rabbit illustrated here, was my guide through this Shadow Work. Into the underworld of my psyche. In the Tarot and many occult philosophies, the underworld and death is symbolic of change and transformation. A kind of psychic alchemy to bring your Shadows into the light; a kind of self realisation of out dated patterns so you can finally know what isn’t serving your best interests and move forward.

The plastic White Rabbit I’d bought does have a discerning expression and I imagined he was a kind of, helpful demon-like guide. Curtesy to the trailer of the horror film Jacob’s Ladder (1990), I have an imagined image of entering Hell, greeted by many well-meaning demons, giving you a hand – helping you let go of the past. Only if you don’t want to let it go, it might feel like they’re ripping the life from you.

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