Art Collection: Witch

Delving beyond the imagination into otherness. From pagan deities and familiars, to witches and chaos magick. This ongoing series is loosely grouped under a witch’s umbrella. The rain might splatter in all different directions, but it’s nice to have some assemblance of a signifier for dryness.

My work draws upon philosophies of the occult. In witchcraft, the imagination takes tangible form in gestures, spells, rituals, sigils, and so on. Like alchemy, ideas are infused with analogies and transmuted into the physical, manifesting in synchronicites.

The alchemic process transmutes base metals like lead to gold. In my work I suggest a psychic visual experience of alchemy between graphite and paper. Creating a transformative and visceral viewing through the simple tools of a pencil and sometimes an eraser. From a distance my drawings look blank, like empty dark pages or shadows framed on the wall. What lurks in these shadows? Like the enveloping darkness behind your eyes in sleep, from which your dreams emerge. On approach, the graphite catches the light and reveals the drawing. Walking past and the image slips away in it’s tilt of your perspective to the page.

These drawings invite you to the space between and simultaneously of both. A waking dream where you are both: masculine and feminine, interior and exterior, individual and collective, consciousness and subconsciousness. The meeting of these opposites is the generative juice, call it witchcraft, the non-dual, imagination, creativity, inspiration or life itself.

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