Xmas Tree of Life: Tarot Spread

Working your way up the tree (each row from left to right). We have… ~(˘▾˘~)

2019: and the card to summarise this year past.

What: did this year bring.

How: did you bring it.

Why: did you bring it.

Weaknesses: to be aware of moving forward.

Strengths: to arm yourself with.

2020: and what you’re walking into next year.

(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)

A General Reading: Whenever and wherever you’ve stumbled across this ~ do feel pleased and confident to take what resonates and shrug off the rest. If a message is triggering or grates against what you know of your situation ~ take a pause and listen to what you have to say. I believe our intuition can makes itself clear when something sounds “spot on” or when something “completely misses the mark”. But our shadows can be tricky and then again, sometimes we’re not ready to dig deep. It’s useful to ask yourself what you want to hear? And, what would be most helpful to you at this time?

Let’s jump in!

2019 was a tricky journey through The Moon card. This shifting landscape sorts through shadows and illusions. Things are not always what they appear to be as the moon shines in an introverted kind of luminance. The orb of reflected light, turns our attention not to the surface, but to what lies beneath.

This is a language of symbols and the stories woven beneath your dreams. Monsters and personal demons lie in these lands, some act as aides, and some as catalysts of disruption for change. Do not fear the unknown here. Meeting the challenges that follow your fears, is the most effective turn-of-phrase to change your narrative and redirect your steps.

In 2019: What has been your greatest challenges? What have you most feared? Have you felt bewildered and lost? Or connected to an unspoken knowing – following your intuition because it is a journey you’ve feel you simply must take.

The What: Temperance focuses her attention on the flow and the movement of this journey. Through the good days and the bad. Rather than obsessing over the contents and what may or may-not-have spilt. With one foot on the ground and one foot in the water represents her awareness that this balancing act requires both the seen (the earth, your resources) and the unseen (your intuition and emotional needs). When she has a bad day she does not cling her attachment to the frustration. She alchemises what was lost into space of potential. It is not good versus bad. It’s the interplay and the conversation. A dynamic force, building momentum and perseverance.

The How: The Star reversed. This card echoes the message in the Temperance card. Being reversed points towards an internal processing and self understanding. What do you need in order to feel in tune with the ebb and flow of movement? For some this maybe taking a break or scheduling some TLC & self-love. Where the Temperance’s foundation stands on the earth and the water, here the star feeds the earth and water. She is taking care of her own self maintenance. Through nourishing what she needs, she focuses her attention and this leads the direction of her path.

From this past year where do you need nourishment and how can you fill this cup so to say? When have you felt vulnerable and where are your boundaries to maintain a healthy balance. Often when we take care to nourish and replenish our energies, we effectively create a calm atmosphere that rubs off on to others.

The Why: Two of Cups reversed. This journey through the Moon has not been a fool hearty or whim of fancy. There is a genuine and heartfelt motivation behind this. Again like The Star card, this is reversed and an internal processing. A desire to know oneself, a self discovery to find where your heart resonates and where you feel most vulnerable or curious to really dare something new. The Two of Cups is also a conversation and are seeking for its echo. This could be a kindred spirit, a community where you feel you belong, a person-place-or-thing which brings out the best of you.

The Two’s are early in the journey, and in being unfamiliar territory, curiosity can trip into impatience to know where you stand and where this is heading. Particularly in mix with The Moon card who is the personification of mysteries. But as you explore the flow and self care in Temperance and The Star, this will piece by piece, give you more information about what your emotional needs are. The Two’s involve a defining, dividing or making a choice. As a reversed card, this isn’t expressing a sea change. This is internally focusing on the rhythms and pace you work best at, with the invested emotions you’re willing to risk. With committing your attention to the place these resonate in your heart; this in turns creates a decisions. A decision to follow your heart. As cliche as that sounds, it can be wholly terrifying being lead by what you feel that others may or may not see.

The Weaknesses are curiously like a Devil’s advocate to your Strengths. The 3 of Wands turns her back to the Queen of Wands. And these lead into your 2020 card of the 7 of Wands reversed.

Wands are your Will, motivation, passion, drive, the burning fuel in your gut, the energy you invest into the work, what inspires you and what you burn for.

This is a good time to think about what you really want to get out of next year? What turns you on? What would have you jumping out of bed to rush into?

These 3 cards present subtle differences in working with this driving passion.

The 3 of Wands is an abundance of creativity, a burning flame that yearns for far and distant places. Usually an encouraging card to dream big and fan those flames.

However here, as your weakness, this would be running away from your situation. Fire burns bright, but for the early numbers (like 3), this Fire can burn out. Where the Two of Cups was dipping into the deep waters of your heart, the 3 of Wands seeks to traverse across their surface to a new context. Mixing this impatience with the 7 of Wands reversed, is a short trail to procrastinating and trying to solve your inner struggles with external means.

The Queen of Wands leans the other way. As a Queen, she is the embodiment of her suit. The curiosity of the Page has translated into action of the Knight, and transformed into Mastery in the Queen. While the King expresses himself onto the world to expand his kingdom, the Queen is a concentrated essence of the Wands, like a magnet she lures resources, networks and information to her. She absorbs and processes the energies and knowledge of the situation.

Where the 3 of Wands seeks to change the external to transform the internal, The Queen personifies self confidence in her internal processing. She knows herself best. She does not waste energy proving her flame to others. She centres herself in her unique spark. She has complete ownership of her sovereignty and is fiercely loyal to what motivates her. If her context is lack lustre, she only shines brighter, alluring like-minded creativity to her.

When we are aligned to our desire, our passion and committ our attention and energy into what fuels our inspiration – we also feel our most confident selves. In this alignment we are working from a place of integrity. Even if the path we walk is half in shadows under The Moon. The Queen of Wands is ferociously loyal to what she Will’s and the energy she invests into it.

The 7 of Wands is this Willpower in action. Typically with the 7’s, distractions and restlessness can ensue. In this card, she defends her focus by pushing back at the other six wands, which may be other sparks of ideas or side projects.

There is this defensive stance, fighting back against what 2020 will not be for you. Or there is the empowered stance, where that 7th Wand, like the Chariot (the seventh card of the Fool’s Journey)- becomes a vehicle, fuelled by the power you invest into your Will. Being reversed, this is tapping into you Fire, where your energy thrives, then exploring and exercising that muscle.

At the end of the day, we can accomplish far more then we think we can. If you think of your Will as a muscle – what are it’s natural and current strengths? When and where do you have more energy? Where do you feel most confident?

I find Will, Desire and Intent circle around similar themes. Do you know what you want from 2020? What you desire, intend or will for?

If you do- great! Now what could distract you from that direction? How could you manage your focus to feel energised by the busyness – and not scattered by it? Start with the circumstances that bring out the best in you and build from there.

Willpower is not a forced exertion. That would be a waste of energy. When you concentrate your will with you attention, focus and genuine interest – that energy is like glowing hot coals that outlast the bright and short-lived flame of burning paper.

If you don’t know what you want to bring in 2020, dedicate some forethought into all the ideas that spark your interest. When we flit from interest to interest there’s likely and underlying core thread, but if we only skim the surface, we never really anchor and tie down that thread.

Once you’ve chosen one of those Wands, this is where you commit attention and focus into developing and exercising your will/desire/intent. Again this needn’t be forced exertion. Knowing where and when your energy is high is a great start, then imagine this Wand like a small flame, that your adding fuel to, piece by piece – do not to smother it or get over zealous and drive yourself into a burnout. With the Queen of Wands as your strength and the 7’s (or vehicle of your Willpower) reversed; this message is all about stoking your inner fire. Just as the Two of Cups was seeking a heart felt resonance, emotional fulfilment and belonging – these Wands are poking your Fire to burn like a bright beacon and attract likeminded energy; naturally to evolve into card 8: Strength.